The Ceiling Fan You Can Take With You
08 Feb

The Ceiling Fan You Can Take With You

Airflow is a big deal in confined spaces whether it is hot or cold,muggy or dry. The are flow can move around heat to keep you warmer or it can move around cool air to cool you down. Air flow is even good for your breath keeping, and what a better way to move air than with a ceiling fan, but ceiling fans are usually stationary. Well, this one can go with you anywhere!


The Sunlar 28” Portable Ceiling Fan gives you an innovative way to circulate air in any location without any hard wiring involved. This means you can take it with you camping, to sporting events, outdoor cookouts, or even just have it you use in your Skoolie or RV when you need it, then put it away. It is powered by a 12 volt DC battery (not included) and is connected by jump cables making the connection and installation very simple. It is a 3 blade ceiling fan and only runs on 1.25 amps, so this a a perfect off the grid, solar powered cooling solution. There is a metal hook allowing you to hang the fan wherever you need it and the connection style gives you unlimited customization options if you are good with electrical. Make sure you have one of these portable ceiling fans for your next outdoor outing or keep it for and emergency power loss. This is definitely a bonus to anyone, no matter where you are!

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