Blueseasky Borescope

Blueskysea Borescope

Blueskysea Longer 3 Meters Dia 8.2mm Tube Snake Camera Cam Endoscope Inspection Borescope Video DVR 3.5" Monitor 6 Leds Night Vision Waterproof w/ Hook Magnet Mirror (3Meters tube cam)


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This thing is really cool, I’ve used only a hand full of times but think it will pay for its self in the long run. Most of the times I’ve had to use it to fish out nuts, bolts and screws that got away from me while working on my vehicles and other times I needed to look in areas that weren’t accessible with a mirror or flashlight. It comes with a few attachments (for the end of the bore scope) like a mirror, magnet, hook but I’ve only had to use the magnet and hook so far. The really only thing I can complain about is the bore scope doesn’t have a mark as to which way is up so I just made a mark on mine. It’s really not that important though because once it goes in you don’t have any idea what its orientation is. A note of caution, if you don’t use it that often take the batteries out otherwise they may corrode in there and ruin it. Even though it comes in a fairly nice box I made a use an old bostitch plastic box and stuffed it with foam so it does get banged around. Also the part under the monitor has 2 positions, the monitor just slides on until it clicks and removing the monitor there’s a release under the monitor, both the handle and the bore scope cable have LED lights. The monitor records and plays back from the Micro SD card and that card can also be taken out and played on your computer or you can hook up to the Micro USB port and play the video that way, the picture on it can be rotated 360 degrees at 90 degree increments (this allows you to put things right side up visually), there are other adjustments that can be done that I haven’t explored yet

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