Comfortable Multipurpose Ankle Boot for Men and Women

October 26, 2018. by

keep you ankles safe while hiking with this pair of Ankle Boots

Your feet are the things that get you around the world on a daily basis and that means that you need to take good care of them so they can keep carrying you where ever you need to go. Having a good pair of boots is important for anyone because they protect your feet and ankles, plus you never know when you will need them. These are a pair of ankle boots that I have and they are so comfortable, supportive and hold up very well with daily use!


The Timberland White Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot is a perfect multipurpose boot perfect for men and women. This boot is made out of high quality leather and built to be waterproof in any weather that you may encounter keeping your feet dry. The full-grain leather is also constructed for your comfort and durability to last you through some of the more rugged activities that you may get into. They comes with rustproof, speedlace hardware with hooks at the top for secure and faster lacing of the boots. They built the boots with a rubber sole for shock absorption and there are padded collars for additional comfort for your ankles, but also provide snug support to protect your ankles from injury.  The removable, dual-density, EVA footbed provides comfort, support for the bottom of your feet and is perforated for additional air circulation.

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ankle boots   

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