Best Waste Tank for Your Skoolie or RV

June 24, 2021. by

Waste management for your Skoolie and RV is the most important system to maintain. This is where a good Waste Tank comes in. The last thing you want if for a leak to happen and cause a big biohazard mess. That will not be fun to clean up. You don’t want to find the cheapest item because in this case, you do get what you pay for. This Waste container is not only very secure but bust also very easy to maintain!

The Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Waste Tank is one of the best on the market. It is made of extremely durable blow molded, UV stabilized HDPE that won’t leak or deteriorate in the sun. This is very important because you can haul a spare tank on the outside of your vehicle. It has an integrated ladder hook. No damage will come to the tank from the elements. Just hang it on the ladder of your RV and go!

The tank has a low drain hole that ensures that the tote tank empties completely, and the smooth interior is easy to clean with a spray washer or your own cleaning method. The large and most off-road style wheels allow you to move the tank to the sewer or waste dump site easily.

You can buy different size tanks and add on kits that will make this tank perfect for your RV or Skoolie. Don’t get stuck with a bad leak on your vehicle or causing a mess on the way to your sewage dump.

Check out the different kits and protect your investment!

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