Bicycle Cargo Trailer

June 17, 2021. by

Cycling is not the most common way to travel, but there are avid bikers out there who travel the country just on a bike. If you are one of them, you know how difficult it can be to carry all of your items with you and keep them protected from the elements. This Bicycle Cargo Trailer will solve the problem of carrying your equipment easily and also keep them dry when you encounter any bad weather.

Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer is perfect for any cyclist going out on the road for a day trip or a cross country bike ride. It has a wide frame that provides large towing and storage capacity and the two-wheel design limits torque placed on your bicycle for unhindered performance. 

This is especially important for those long road trips, so you don’t become exhausted early on in your trip. The trailer has a unique folding-frame design and quick-release wheels so you can pack up easily for compact storage and transport when you are finished with your ride. 

To make this even more versatile, Schwinn added a universal coupler that easily attaches to almost any bicycle and it can stay on your bike at all times so you only have to install once. 

It has 16-inch, air-filled tires with molded rims that provides a ride that’s always smooth, while interior D-rings allows you to strap down your cargo, giving you extra security and improved performance. The cover will also keep your equipment dry when you encounter any bad weather.


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