Bluetooth Bike Lock

July 22, 2021. by

Bluetooth Bike Locks are the locks of the future and safety to secure your bike. But, this lock can be used to secure many other items. With crime rising all over, securing your mobile property has never been more important. From bikes to lawn mowers, this Bluetooth lock will give you a piece of mind.

Nulock Keyless, Bluetooth Bike Lock works for Both iOS and Android (iPhone 4s and above – Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 above.) So, if you have a newer phone, it is compatible with this technology. Just download the Nulock app and press the “lock’ button to lock or unlock. It’s that simple, no combinations or worrying about keys.

This Bluetooth lock has a built in alarm system that will send you a notification when tampered with. When Vibration is ON in the app, the alarm will go off on a simple shake or movement of your lock. An eardrum busting 110dB alarm will go off for at least 30 secs, which not only attracts public attention ,but will certainly drive the bad guys off.

It is constructed of 47 inches of 7 braided steel cables, with each cable made up of 19 more braids of steel!  This is a very sturdy and reliable Bluetooth bike lock. It’s also combined with rust-protective vinyl to increase resistance to clipping. NuLock’s steel cable is ready to perform under duress at any given time.

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