Keep Your Eyes on the Road With This Bluetooth Headset!

October 24, 2018. by

Focus on the steering wheel of your bus conversion or RV not your phone with these Bluetooth headphones

When traveling, most people have a smartphone with them to make calls, listen to music, or even to use as their GPS. Using your phone when driving is extremely dangerous and causes hundreds of deaths each year, so you want to avoid having to even touch your phone when driving. This is wear a good pair of Bluetooth headphones come into play.


The Mpow Gen-4 Bluetooth Headset is perfect for the modern traveler with is comfortable, lightweight set up. It is 4.1 Bluetooth compatible giving you great sound and voice quality even when your phone is farther away from you. You can control all the functions of sounds for music and phone calls right from a button built into the headset so you never have to touch your phone, allowing you to focus on driving. It is very comfortable to wear weighing only 1.2 oz with a flexible and durable silicone neckband making this headset 60% lighter than any other neckband headset that you’ll even forget you have them on. For power, the headset has a powerful rechargeable battery that provides up to 13 hours of continuous talking/music time and 350 hours of standby with a single charge. This gives you plenty of driving time without having to charge them.

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