Bug Out Rocket Stove to add to Your B.O.B.

April 14, 2020. by

Emergency kits or prepping kits are not complete without a way to heat up food or water. Many mini stoves sold are big, bulky and you need to spend more money to buy the fuel it requires to work. You need to pack lighter, smarter, and be able to use what you have around to keep fuel abundant! This Awesome Bug Out Rocket Stove. It is great for keeping you warm and getting up food when you have no other option when Bugging Out.

The Lixada Camping Rocket Stove is just the item you need in your pack to heat up your food or water. This will also to keep warm if necessary. It is made out of lightweight titanium and aluminum weighing in at only one pound.

This gives you the ability to pack your cooking method without adding weight to your ruck. Since it is metal, it will also last you a long time if you care for it properly. The material will make it a long time investment!

It easily assembles into a 9 inch “L” shape with attached brackets in the rear to keep it stable. Stability is what you need when you have a pot on it. The best thing about this Rocket stove is that you don’t have to buy that expensive fuel. It runs off of natural items like twigs and small sticks, so you don’t even need to gather much to cook. This keeps you away from that expensive, store-bought fuel that will just run out. This also saves you time if you need to stop moving for a quick meal or to just warm up.

The “L” shape design allows for maximum airflow so you can have a boiling pot of water in just minutes off a few sticks. This Stove is a must-have for your B.O.B. or emergency kit. With our future unknown, you can never be too prepared!

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