The Hot Shower You Can Take Anywhere

December 3, 2018. by

the best bus conversion travel shower for your skoolie.

If you’re a prepper, you have probably read plenty of post-apocalyptic books and you know how thrilling just a hot shower can be. Even if your not a prepper, knowing that in case of an emergency, having a hot shower can build moral and also keep you clean to prevent illness and infections. This bus conversion travel shower is perfect for adding to your bug out kit, your natural disaster kit or even just taking it with you to have a hot shower when camping.


The Zodi Outback Travel Shower is one of a kind for quality, price and versatility. It is a  self-contained hot water shower that can be set up anytime, anywhere giving you a hot shower anywhere you need it. The tap attaches to a 16 ounce propane cylinder or a 5 gallon propane tank so you can have a unlimited heating time depending on what size take you decide to use. For the perfect water temperature you you, the water temperature can be adjusted up to 100°F with an easy to use gas valve. For reliable and great water pressure it has a powerful 6 V pump with debris screen that will give you a high quality shower. It has an 8-ft flexible shower hose with water-saving shower head allowing you to save water and to adjust the head as you need. The 4 gallon storage case doubles as water tank which holds enough water for 10-minute shower. You can find a different water tank if you feel you need more water on had for a longer shower.

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bus conversion travel shower  

For an even better Shower experience, there is a Zodi Shower Pole that is fixed to a tripod. This allows you for the perfect outdoor shower set up without having to worry where to hang the hose. You just attach it to the pole and place it where you want. It adjusts to several heights, including standing and waist heights so you can use it for yourself or even to give your dog a quick shower. This shower pole is an awesome add on!

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bus conversion travel shower