A Pack with a Camel-Back: Pt. 1

August 23, 2018. by

A Camelbak Backpack series Part:1 don’t leave your Skoolie without it!

Water is the most important thing that you need to carry with you when doing an outdoor activity. Whether your going on a hike, bicycling, mountain climbing, you name it. You are going to be exerting yourself enough that water will be of high importance to prevent dehydration. Most of the time you will have a pack with you and then some form of water bottle that you will have to find a place for, then fumble with it when moving to drink or just stop completely. This is where these next few blog post will come in. Each one will have a different Pack that also houses a water bladder (Camel-Back) and a hose for easy access to water a camelbak backpack if you will. No fumbling around unnecessarily.


This first pack is the Ridge Recon Tactical Hydration Pack that come with a 3 Liter, BPA Free water bladder. The pack itself has storage for not only the bladder, but has two large zippered areas to house other items you will need. To make this pack even more awesome, it has a built in adjustable Molle system allowing you to customize you pack with a variety of pouches available. It is made from a RipStop polyester material making it very durable and waterproof. The mesh back panel maintains a high airflow system providing ventilation and comfort. For the water bladder, it has a 100% leak proof water reservoir with a quick release tube, a hands-free hydration hose with bite valve, protective cap and a wider mouth for easy cleaning and adding ice cubes.This pack has it all!!

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camelbak backpack   

camelbak backpack   

camelbak backpack

Check out Part 2 on Saturday, the 25th for the second Hydration Pack that brings some different great features!