Campfire Cooking Swing

August 19, 2021. by

Having a Campfire Cooking Swing can make your long term camping trip a breeze. Not many people think of them very as a modern tool, but it can make cooking so much easier. This campfire cooking swing will allow you to cook anything you bring, catch or hunt on your trip. 

This Bruntmor Campfire Cooking Swing has a frame and all attachments needed to cook over a fire. This campfire cooking set is very easy to use and folds out in seconds. It consists of the main cooking pole with collapsible legs. There is also a carrying case so you can easily transport it to your campsite without losing any parts.

The Cooking swing comes with 5 different length chains so you can customize your cooking style. It is also made of heat resistance steel. This means you can use wood or charcoal to cook without degrading the integrity of the metal.

When you compare this to a mini camping stove, the swing provides easy cooking with plenty of room. A mini stove only allows you to use one pot at a time. Yes, you’ll have to move a bigger structure, but there is a great convenience to being able to cook multiple items at one time.

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