Camping Cook Station for All Occasions

October 12, 2018. by

No need for a kitchen in your Skoolie with this Camping Cook table.

When camping with your bus conversion or RV, cooking is one of the more difficult tasks because you are limited on prep space to get your food ready or even a place to put whatever you are using to cook with. You need a place to put the food, cook the food and store some of your utensils and cookware. Having a camping cook table that can be stored easily is exactly what you need!


The GCI Portable Outdoor Cooking Station is perfect for camping and boondocking for cooking outdoors. It’s a portable, folding cook station brings the kitchen space outside with a counter and some storage space for a camping stove or grill, cooking utensils and cookware. The Single piece steel frame unfolds easily in to an aluminum counter top, storage rack, and four plastic fold-out sides, which are all easy to clean. It has a heat resistant aluminum counter top is perfect for a camp stove or a counter top grill. The 4 side tables that can hold food and beverages, paper towels, even grilling utensils and garbage bags. This table is also easily portable because it folds into one piece and has handles that makes it easily to be carried.

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camping cook table   

camping cook table   

camping cook table   

camping cook station