Compact Outdoor Comfort for Boondockers

July 18, 2018. by

When you’re going to be out in nature, it’s best to be prepared for what she can throw at you. It’s even better to be prepared and not have to use half of your packing space to do so. The best thing to do is have items that can be compressed to a quarter of its size and easily holstered or pack. Here are a few different items of camping gear that will provide you warmth, comfort and protection from the elements without taking up too much space in your pack.


 This first item is the Mambe Hooded Blanket that is waterproof, windproof and built for extreme weather. It is made with Genuine Polartec Fleece interior and radiant heat reflective lining both working together to keep your body warm in some of the coldest conditions. It is available in 3 sizes, 5 different colors and has a stuff sack that you can keep it in for storage and transport.

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camping gear   camping gear

Next is the Bearz Outdoor Compact Blanket that is great to have with you no matter where you go. It is durable, lightweight and can be compacted small enough to fit in your palm. This blanket can be used at the beach, as an improvised shelter (it is waterproof) or just an emergency blanket to have handy. With this item being so small, you won’t even notice it’s with you till you need it!

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camping gear   camping blanket

The last item is the MalloMe Camping Hammock that you can carry with you in or on your pack. It packs down to the size of a volleyball and weights only about 1 pound. It has easy set up and take down straps with parachute durability material with the option of 27 different color schemes to choose from. This hammock can be taken with you even on day trips to catch a quick break and be comfortable while doing it!

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camping hammock   Hammock

All three of the these items will be a great addition to any pack no matter what outdoor adventure you are heading out on. The hammock by itself will bring you more comfort and the ability for a quick rest or just to relax surrounded by nature!