2 in 1 Camping Stove and Heater

January 31, 2021. by

Having a 2 in 1 camping Stove and Heater is a game changer for your camping trips! You will reduce the weight you carry and can complete two tasks at once. This stove can be used in your tent or in your primitive shelter. It is a useful tool for a quick meal and to warm up!

This is the CAMPY Gear 2 in 1 Portable Propane Camping Stove and Heater. It runs off of butane, ISO-butane, and propane fuel canisters that can be nested inside the stove.

The stove is equipped with adjustable flame control to allow for various cooking purposes and a sturdy stand that supports up to 12 inches pans and pots. This model comes with a 5.9-inch pan, so you are ready to cook right out of the box. The design is perfect for cooking a meal for two in you favorite pan! It will even work with the invincible cast iron cooking pots and pans.

The heater has a max output up to 9,000 BTU and a unique 360° radiant heating design. This compact heater will keep you and your family warm during cold winter days and nights with enjoying the outdoors. This would be a great tool to use while you are building a primitive shelter. You can keep warm and cook so you can focus on your build.

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