Carry the Things You Need with This Running Belt

October 10, 2018. by

Don’t be a lump in your motorhome or skoolie get up and jog with this running belt!

Running and jogging can be very therapeutic and also a great way to stay healthy with getting in your cardio. But, you probably have things to need to carry with you like keys, a cell phone or even an emergency Epipen if you have a chance of an allergic reaction. Having a running belt with a secure pouch is the perfect item you need to carry your items when you go running.


The UShake Running Belt is a perfect running and jogging accessory with its bounce free technology. It is made out of high quality polyester lycra fabrics which makes it not only comfortable to wear, but also very durable. The pouch is large enough to fit any model smartphone and your wallet at the same time, so you have plenty of room in there to carry what you need. The belt has adjustable stretchy straps that is suitable for a waist size of 26.5” up to a 42” and the stretch gives you a snug but comfortable fit without the pouch bouncing. The UShake belt doesn’t only have to be for running, you can also wear it to go biking, skiing or just about any activity that you need to do hands free. The best part about it is that it’s very inexpensive to purchase one.

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