Complete Camera System for your Skoolie!

April 16, 2019. by

RV Blind spot Camera for your Skoolie

Driving a large vehicle like a bus can take you on great adventures across the country, but you will encounter drivers in smaller vehicles that don’t know how to share the road with you. Nine times out of ten they will ride in your blind spot making it very dangerous for you and them. The best thing to do is not to rely on your mirrors and mount cameras in all your blind spots so you can safely merge lanes. These RV blind spot camera will give you a piece of mind when driving and is the best bang for your buck.

RV blind spot camera

The ZEROXCLUB Wireless Camera System is the best blind spot camera system for any large vehicle, like your Skoolie! This set up come with 4 cameras and a 7” digital monitor that can be easily mounted wherever you would like it for your viewing when driving. The entire system is wireless so you don’t have to worry about hard wiring anything and the cameras will work flawlessly up to 85 ft away from the monitor. The cameras are IP69 Grade water proof to withstand the rain at fast speeds and have upgraded glass lenses for longer life time and crystal clear images, even at night. The cameras can be rotated vertically 360 degrees and this can be done manually or wireless from the monitor for adjustments when driving. This is great for when you change drivers. The wireless technology has zero interference, even at speed up to 75 mph, making the camera system very reliable and a great asset when merging at fast speeds.

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RV blind spot cameraRV blind spot cameraRV blind spot camera