Your Dog Can Come Too With Their Own Luggage!

April 6, 2019. by

A Dog Travel Bag Could Save your day When you are Away form Your Skoolie

Traveling with your dog is an awesome thing to do because you are in complete control of their care and not leaving them boarded in a cage! It can be a challenge and you might need to bring extra baggage, but the bonding time between you and your pup will be irreplaceable. This dog travel bag made specifically for dogs will help with that extra baggage needed for a trip full of fun with your dog!

Dog Travel Bag

The Overland Travel Dog Tote Bag is an organized luggage system that makes it simple to travel with your dog for up to a week away. If your trip is going to be longer, you can buy two, or stop a a store to refill! This tote includes two 2 cup collapsible, dishwasher safe silicone bowls, a placement mat as well as two lined carriers to store 10 cups of dog food or treats. It has has a zippered inside pocket for secure storage of any utensils you might need and a divider to keep food carriers and cans stacked neatly inside. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to be carried on or over the shoulder, but can also be adjusted to secure it to the pull handle of a suitcase. This will help for when you are dragging your own luggage along, just attach your pup’s bag to it! The tote bag is lightweight and easy to clean, so it won’t be a difficult thing to store when not in use.

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Dog Travel Bag Dog Travel Bag Dog Travel Bag