Don’t Fear A Roll-Away With This Wheel Chock

June 26, 2019. by

When working on a vehicle, parking a large one on a slope or just letting it sit for a long time can come with risks of it rolling away. The wheels could move an inch while up on jack stands and make it fall off. These are all dangerous scenarios for you and other people in the area. Add a little extra security to any vehicle with some battle proven wheel chocks! That thing won’t roll away with these behind the tires!

The Extreme Max Heavy-Duty Solid Rubber Wheel Chock is a completely solid block of rubber formed into the perfect shape to keep your vehicle in place. It is made of a solid, oil-resistant rubber that is durable enough for any task. So, it will be perfect for that home garage oil change and also for the roadside tire change on a Skoolie, it will protect it from rolling away.

One of the best features is the molded-in handle for easy maneuverability. The problem with other wheel chocks is that you have trouble wedging then into position. With the built in handle, you get a firm grip to position it correctly the first time. It also has two different surfaces depending on the ground the vehicle is on. Use your best judgment and experience to decide which surface to use. This is a great item to keep in any garage, car, truck, SUV, etc. You never know when you’ll need them!

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