Wire Organizer For your RV

December 12, 2019. by

Electronics are now a huge part of our everyday life. Everyone, young and old has some type of electronic device that they use daily and all those devices come with all types of cords that you plug into them. Managing all those earbuds, chargers, aux cords, etc. can be very tricky. Here is an item that can help, an electronic wire organizer.

The Vivefox Electronic Wire Organizer is an all-purpose travel organizer for all your electronics and its accessories. Vivefox enables you to keep all your smaller electronics and what you need to use them in one place while keeping them from getting tangled.

The Vivefox has a double layer organizing lay out to help you keep everything where it needs to be. The first layer has 17 elastic loops, 5 mesh pouches and 3 small pouches to hold cables, pens, etc. So, this first layer can give you quick access to the most important wires.

The second layer has 1 zipper mesh pocket, 4 mesh bags and 4 extra elastic loops. This gives you space to store a 6-inch cell phone, laptop charger, battery, and a portable hard drive up to 3.5″. It is compact and easy to carry and travel with so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

This Electronic Wire Organizer is made of heavy-duty, durable and waterproof nylon material. This will help keep all your electronics and accessories protected in harsh environments. This is perfect for going off the beaten path at a national park if you decide to go camping in the wild

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