Every Man’s Knife

June 8, 2019. by

Having a good, reliable knife on you or in your kit is always a smart move to make no matter where you are going! You may need it to cut a seat belt or to filet a fish if you’re out in the woods. If you’re a real tough guy, you’ll use it to cut out a splinter. This knife is not only I expensive, but also durable and sharp for any task needed to be done.

The Outdoor Edge Onyx EDC Pocket Knife has a 3″ Razor sharp edge that can withstand any task at a pocket knife disposal! This is the sharpest, strongest, replacement razor-knife available on the market. It has 3 replacement blades that change safely and easily at the push of a button. The black-oxide coated blade holder supports the razor-blade for the strength of a standard knife, but with the sharpness of a surgeon’s scalpel.


The blades are made of 3.5 inch Japanese 420J2 stainless and  are precisely heat treated and hand finished so it is sharp enough to shave with. The Grivory polymer handle has a Trimond texture pattern for a non slip grip, even when wet. There is a double sided thumb stud that allows easy, one-hand opening and the replaceable pocket clip that is a part of the grip.

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