The Backpack That Lets You Sit And Fish!

April 1, 2019. by

Hike and Sit when you want with this Backpack Seat

Spring is the season where all the outdoor sports start getting into full gear, especially fishing! No matter there you are in the country, there is most likely a body of water within driving distance, if not walking distance. But, some of the best fishing spot might take a little hike to get to and it can be difficult to carry all your tackle and a chair to sit on. This item will solve that hassle it is a backpack seat!

The Camport Folding Chair Backpack is an awesome piece of equipment that will save all you anglers from dropping things while walking the trail to your favorite fishing spot. This lightweight folding backpack chair weighing in at only 3.3 lbs making it easy to carry and store, but also strong enough to hold up to 330 lbs. It is equipped with multiple separated pockets that are great for holding a water bottle, an umbrella, keys, your wallet, watch, power bank, phone, books and any other little things you can throw in them! It has a built in cooler bag that keeps your food and drinks cool for hours, so no matter where you go, you’ll always have a seat to rest and cool drinks at hand! For carrying, the stand folds flat and it has padded shoulder straps that will make any walk to and from a breeze! The fabric is also waterproof so no worries if you get caught in a rainstorm.

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backpack seat backpack seat

backpack seat backpack seat