The Perfect Sleeping Bag for All Four Seasons

September 4, 2018. by

This four season sleeping bag is the only sleeping you will need.


Sleeping bags are a universal comfort for people of all age, shape and size.  They are great for camping, hiking, kids sleepovers, a cover on a cool fall morning on the porch; the list can go on and on. Having a sleeping bag that is good quality, made with strong material, and that can keep you protected through all for seasons is the best investment for every person. Every part of our country has a different climate that can change very quickly, especially overnight. This four season sleeping bag is perfect and covers all the bases to keep you safe, warm, protected and it won’t break your wallet!


The Viniper Comfort Envelope Sleeping Bag is made from high-quality, waterproof fabric, which prevents the moisture and cold air from getting into the sleeping bag allowing your body heat to stay trapped inside. The cotton material construction of the sleeping bag gives it a  soft and comfortable effect that is harmless to the skin and environmentally friendly. The envelope design of the Viniper is not only ideal for cold conditions, but also for warmer weather and designed for near-freezing temperatures with a rating of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the sleeping bag perfect for all types of activities outdoor, indoor, traveling in a vehicle, sleepovers, etc. With the compression bag, you can shrink it down enough to fit into your pack or strap it to the bottom, keep in in your trunk for emergencies, or just keep it packed away without taking up too much space. The zipper design allows you to combine two sleeping bags together, making it fully customizable. This sleeping bag is awesome no matter what you plan to use it for!

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four season sleeping bag

four season sleeping bag

all season sleeping bag

four season sleeping bag