The Best Quiet, Fuel Efficient Generator for your RV/Skoolie

July 30, 2018. by

Generator for your Skoolie

Having power is one of the most used, modern technologies that everyone uses. We have tons of electronics that we rely on daily, plus we need light and appliances that run without us even thinking. When traveling in an RV or Skoolie, you need a reliable source of power. You have a a few options from battery banks, solar power or you can purchase a generator. The first two are expensive and take a lot maintenance for upkeep, but a generator is the best short term solution for powering your RV or Skoolie. The main thing is to find a quiet, fuel efficient Generator for your Skoolie to get the job done.


Generator for your RV/Skoolie

The Honda EU2200i Power Inverter Generator is your best option for fuel efficiency, low sound and its very portable. This model is Honda’s most popular model for small jobs, traveling and emergence power. It is very reliable and so quiet, operating at 48 to 57 dBa, your neighbors near and far will thank you! It also has an option to connect a second inverter for more power if needed with the parallel cording option for connecting an identical generator. This can give you up to 4400 watts of power and it will still be quiet!

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Generator for your RV/Skoolie   Generator for your RV/Skoolie   Generator for your RV/Skoolie   Generator for your RV/Skoolie


Honda’s inverter technology means stable, clean power in a smaller package. The precision of Honda’s technology ensures that the generators produce power that is reliable as the power you get from your outlets at home. This Honda is your best option if you want to go with the Generator option. And once again, IT IS QUIET!!!