Get A New Experience With Night Fishing!

May 26, 2019. by

Fishing is done world wide, by any body of water, done by all walks of life. You can be fishing as a sport, as a hobby or as a means to feed your family. Now night fishing is a lot more difficult, but it can be more rewarding in many ways. Unless you have a sweet spot where you know your going to get a hit, fishing at night takes a lot of strategy, but with this new invention, you can save time by knowing where the fish are at!

The Green Blob 15000 is an underwater LED fishing light. The light glows at an incredible 15000 Lumen with a 360 degree output to attract fish and will also allow you to see where to cast for a better chance at a hit! It has a 24/7, IP68 continuous underwater use rating being designed for both fresh and saltwater. It can be used off the side of a dock or even a boat for deeper water fishing.

The bulb itself is 16 inches in length and rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use, giving you a ton of fishing hours. It has a self weighting system: Just drop it in you favorite fishing hole, no need for added weights because it will go to the perfect depth on its own. To give it power, just attach the Alligator Clips to a 12 volt battery and enjoy the new fishing experience.

The Blob 15000 draws only 4.5 amps DC, so it will operate several days on a fully charged marine battery. For fishing spots not near a vehicle, you can always purchase a 12 volt battery just for the Blob. Make your next night fishing trip a fun one!


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