Get Unstuck with These Boondocking Tools

July 14, 2018. by

No matter what season it is, the weather won’t stop the boondockers from going out and enjoying the great outdoors. There is something thrilling about living off of what you just bring with you, but it can also become a disaster if you’re vehicle is not prepared for the terrain. Even if you have off road tires, there is always a chance for you to get stuck in sand, snow or mud. With these products, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing you have Boondocking Tools available to get your vehicle unstuck!

The first product is called the Mr. Go Auto Emergency Traction Aid. This is a portable vehicle recovery traction system that work in snow, mud and sand. There is no installation required, so that makes these tracks safer and easier to use than tire chains.

Mr. Go also works with any vehicle drive type making it great to keep in any vehicle you own. It even comes with a convenient carrying case to keep it organized.

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The second item is is the Discount Ramp’s Heavy Duty Vehicle Recovery Track. This is a metal ramp is made to dig into the ground to enable a stuck vehicle to get free. It conveniently folds up so you can store it under a seat or in your trunk. It is painted a bright orange to keep it visible in bad conditions. This heavy duty ramp is sold by itself, so you would have to double your order if you want to purchase two.

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For the finally, this item on the list is the most versatile of the three. It has multiple uses and is called the Spare Me Auto Rescue Tool. This rescue tool can be used many different ways and in multiple situations. Its a windshield scraper, a tire lift, traction for stuck tires, and even a shovel. This rescue tool should be in every trunk or storage compartment, on every vehicle in the US. Our weather is very unpredictable and this tool can be a life saver and prevent injury to you and prevent damage to your vehicle.

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It doesn’t matter what you are driving, just always make sure you have something like these items in your vehicle. Boondocking can be very fun, but it can also be dangerous if your not prepared for the environment!