Relaxing when Boondocking just got Better

August 1, 2018. by

Relaxing when Boondocking just got Better with this Hammock Chair!


Relaxing is one of the main things we strive for when we travel, especially the boondockers who rely on only what they have brought with them. There are many meaning to the word “relaxing,” but this blog is about relaxing in swinging comfort. It’s great to get up off you feet and swing to the sounds of the wilderness. You can’t get any better than that and this Hammock chair will having you swinging all day cuddled up with a cup of coffee and your favorite book.


 The Blissun Hanging Hammock Chair has combined the comfort of a hammock and chair in one on a very portable, efficient level. It is made of a soft cotton polyester combo that is tightly woven together. This provides a soft and durable material that will never tear or break with regular use. The light and breathable netting is extremely comfortable because it conforms to the position your in and comes with two comfy pillow to arrange as you see fit. Since it is outfitted with a loop-end top, it can be hung almost anywhere, making it easily portable. Some of the places you can hang it are porches, patios, trees, balconies and even inside your home. This swing hammock is also great for any occasion and your guests will fall in love!


 Hammock chair         Hammock chair    Hammock chair   Hammock chair

No matter what your form of comfort is when you travel, this swinging hammock chair is worth a try. If not for yourself, it will make an awesome gift for a family member, traveler, or fellow Boondocker! Everyone will love this hammock chair, no matter their age!