Awesome Hitch Stand for your RV or Skoolie

August 15, 2018. by

We have a great Hammock hitch stand for your skoolie!

In previous posts, I have recommended a hammock and also a hanging chair that you can carry with you when you travel. They both have multiple ways to be hung, but I have found a device that you can attach to your hitch to hang both on your truck, RV or Skoolie. This is a pretty awesome hammock hitch stand that can be useful in multiple settings to relax and enjoy some relaxation.


The Hammocka Hitch Stand can be attached to any hitch with a 2 inch receiver no matter the vehicle. It comes with two mounting hook, so you can hang two chars or one hammock from it. The frame bends in two different directions for either your chairs or a hammock.This is a very strong stand design that can hold up to 300 pounds allowing two people to use it at once with your selected setting items. The frame is built to be taken down easily and to compact into a small size to easy storage. The images show them being used on standard vehicles, but as long as you RV or Skoolie has a hitch, this stand will be a great addition to add. You can use it for camping, at an RV park to hang out or tailgating at a race or football game. This is a great item to have!

Check it out HERE!!

Hammock hitch stand 

Hammock hitch stand

Hammock hitch stand

For Hammock and Swinging Chair recommendations great for this stand, go take a look at some of my older Blogs. You will find a few that will be perfect for mounting on this stand!