Heated Electric Blanket can keep your Traveling Cozy

November 21, 2021. by

Winter can be very cold, especially when traveling the Northern parts of the United States! The heat in your RV or Skoolie can keep you from freezing, but this heated electric blanket can keep you nice and cozy on your journey!

The Stalwart Electric Blanket is a 12 volt heated, polar fleece throw that plugs right into your 12 volt outlet. This blanket will heat up quickly and stay warm the whole time till you unplug it. You can put it on your lap or even wrap it around you for surrounding warmth.

This blanket has a 96 inch long cord giving you plenty of length to reach your passengers if there isn’t an outlet near them. When not in use, it folds up easily back into the carrying bag for easy storage.

It is also very lightweight with thin wires making it very comfortable, almost like its not there. Even though it’s thin, it will still put out plenty of heat, keeping you cozy on those early morning starts and chilly evening drives.

The Stalwart Electric Blanket can also make a great gift for the Holidays. Give one as a Christmas gift or to your family members that travel a distance to come see you. They will not be disappointed!

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