Heated Vest for Additional Warmth

February 7, 2021. by

This is a cold winter and you can use a Heated Vest for Additional Warmth! With the wind adding to the windchill all over the country, your average coat is not enough. You can add this vest to your wardrobe to get a boost in heat anytime you need it. It is also good for those afternoon back and neck pain that come on close to the end of your shift.

The Dr. Prepare Heated Vest is built with quality, carbon fiber heating element and has three heating levels. These heating elements generates consistent heat for your 6 core body parts, including your neck, back, abdomen, and waist. Not only is this vest helping to maintain body warmth, but it promotes blood circulation, and relieves pain and tension in muscles.

This awesome Vet is uniquely powered by a portable charger with 2A or 2.4A USB output. This is built to keep warmth in and stand up against elements. Once plugged into a 10,000mAh battery pack (not included), this polished heated vest is capable of retaining warmth for hours. The estimated heating time is up to 7 hours at Low Level, 5 hours at Medium Level, and 3 hours at High Level. This vest can keep you warm for almost a whole 8 hour shift at work.

for looks, this vest is featuring a quilted, lightweight design with fine interior lining. This allows for unrestricted comfort and coziness in the fall and winter months. It has a zipper on the front so you can layer this unisex usb heated vest over varieties of tops to add a touch of style for refined looks!

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