High Pressure Shower Head

November 15, 2021. by

Do you want a High Pressure Shower Head in you Skoolie without the water consumption? This shower head is perfect for water preservation, while going you a nice show. This will be amazing after a long day on the trail.

Engineered with micro technology which makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, our shower head increases the pressure of the water flow effortlessly, provides you adequate water and comfortable spray performance even under low water pressure. With unique air injection technology, it can amplify the air and water mixture, save water more.

Just press the button to turn off the water flow. The shower head with handheld can be removed and turned into an ejector. This can remove small debris, such as flushing the toilet, washing the mop, and cleaning the corners. Perfect for a child, adults and pets. Shower head comes with 3 modes: Pulsating, Massage, and Rainfall. Each mode brings you and your families the best shower experience.

This high pressure shower head is made of advanced quality ABS chrome. This makes it durable, lightweight, BPA free and heat resistant. The shower head has a comfortable grip and no fingerprints left behind! With the detachable design of the shower head, the round shower panel can be disassembled. 

 Included is all necessary components to install the shower head into your existing shower arm. Tool-free connection takes minutes, no plumber is needed.

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