Take a Hike with this New Gear!

July 22, 2018. by

The best part of taking a trip, camping or boondocking are the long hikes that you are able to go on. This country has all kinds of beautiful terrain for you to explore and fall in love with, that hiking is the best way to see what there is to offer. You can travel coast to coast and you will find a trail to follow no matter which state you are in. Here are a few pieces of hiking gear to think about taking on your next trek through the woods.


The first piece of gear is the TrailBuddy Trekking Poles that will help your stamina going, provide support to your knees and help you keep balance on rocky terrain. These poles are made from 7075 Aluminum which makes them stronger than carbon fiber and lighter than other aluminum poles. The handles are made from cork material making them great to use in hot or cold weather and it absorbs moisture so your hands won’t slip. TrailBuddy also gives you a carrying case and 8 different color options to choose from.

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hiking gear    hiking gear

Now that you got your trekking poles, you’re going to need keep your face from the sun with this Outdoor Sun Protection Cap. This cap offers you maximum coverage of your head and face from the sun’s rays. It is built out of breathable, moisture wicking material making it comfortable to wear in the heat. The both sides of the brim can snap into position to give you a different style and there is an adjustable drawstring that way you can secure it so it doesn’t blow away. On top of that, you have 4 different color options to choose from to customize your gear.

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Lastly, we have the most important piece of gear that for should have multiples of, SOCKS! These Mirmaru Multi Performance Socks are great for that long trek you are planning. They are made from 55% combed cotton, 40% polyester and 2% spandex blended together for support, durability and to keep your feet dry. They also have pile cushion on the pressure points for maximum comfort and support. It’s recommended to have multiple pair of socks with you at all times during a hike since your feet are your transportation!

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Now get out there, grab some gear and take that hike that you have been wanting to take. Explore the backwoods of the country that you have yet to discover. Our great landscape of this country will not leave you disappointed.