Paint Your Bus (Skoolie) Quick and Easy

August 11, 2018. by

How to paint your Skoolie easily!

Painting your new Skoolie is probably one of the thing you look forward to the most because it says so much about you and it is the first thing people will see. You want it to come out looking like everything you dreamed it would look like. Painting it can be a difficult task or very expensive if you pay someone else to do it. But, painting it yourself is way more fulfilling and you have full control over the outcome. With this new paint sprayer, you can paint it quickly, and paint your Skoolie easily and with different coating options.


The Wagner MotoCoat Complete Paint Sprayer is your best option to do a professional looking paint job on your bus all on your own. It has multiple nozzles allowing you to use different type of paint, including PLASTI DIP! How awesome is that! The X-Boost Turbine provides great atomization and the portable power for painting anywhere without additional equipment. Then 39-feet of High-Flex Hose allows for complete maneuverability around a vehicle, so you won’t have to worry about the hose catching the paint. The spray attachments easily comes off the gun allowing you quick clean up or to seamlessly switch paint colors. With the low over-spray limit and simple adjustable controls a perfect finish is easy to accomplish even for the most inexperienced painters.

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paint your Skoolie easily

easily paint your Skoolie

how to paint your skoolie

paint your Skoolie easily