Key-less Entry for your Skoolie

January 27, 2021. by

Adding Key-less Entry to your Skoolie can be very helpful on a daily basis. It will allow you to have a secure door on your hard work and home. It will also allow you quick entry and easy locking when you are walking away from your Skoolie. That last second thought “Did I lock it?,” can be fixed with a push of a button.

WHILE OTHER KEY-LESS ENTRY DOOR LOCKS ARE flimsy and made of plastic, the LATCH-IT locks are 100% metal. The IP67 waterproof technology allows their locks to handle the harsh outdoors. The back-lit keypad allows easy entry at night or in the dark. This allow you to secure your valuables and helps you travel worry free!

These locks use premium key-less entry technology to allow you to leave your Skoolie without bringing keys. You can enter your Skoolie by 3 different methods: the keypad, use the key-fob, or a mechanical key. These door lock kits include 2 key fobs and can be used up to 80 feet away.

Since this is designed for an RV, you can do your own build for your Skoolie. There are may ways to customize your door and this Key-less entry system will be an amazing add on!

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