Kitchen Gadgets for your Skoolie

January 10, 2021. by

These Kitchen Gadgets for your Skoolie will save you space and give you all the utensils to make a meal. It has been said before that space is limited in a skoolie and you should to stretch your space! These Kitchen Gadgets can take over your large utensils and will stretch your space!

The Esle Houzie Kitchen Gadgets are a bundle of commonly used  tools that are used to cook! The set includes:

  • 1 grater for cheeses, vegetables, chocolate
  • 1 grinder for garlic or ginger
  • 1 pizza cutter / wheel for pizzas and flat breads
  • 1 bottle opener
  • 1 swivel peeler for vegetables and fruits

All these tools can be used for other purposes and they have another perk. They are mini sized and have a ring so they can be hung up in a cabinet or on a wall. This will save you drawer space and make them easily accessible.

Since these are most commonly used tools, it will make a great addition to your Skoolie!

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