Cool Down and Let There be Light with this Lantern Fan Combo

September 6, 2018. by

Let there be light and wind with this Lantern Fan Combo!

Having light when it is night time has been a saving grace for humans for thousands of years. We started with fire, then electric and now we have solar and battery operated items. We have come very far in a short amount of time. We have built safe technology that is now portable and comes in all different shapes and sizes to allow us to see in the dark. This item can do that, but it will also keep a breeze on you so you can stay cool on some of those hot, sweltering nights. This Lantern Fan Combo is probably one of the coolest items I have seen.


The Image LED Portable Lantern and Fan Combo is very versatile when it comes to being used. You can take it camping, use it in your vehicle, keep it in your kid’s playhouse, and even add it to your Emergency Preparedness gear. It has 18 ultra bright, low power usage LED bulbs that are laid in a circular pattern to give you the most light coverage possible. One lantern can light up a 4 person tent easily and it will be complete coverage, not just spot light coverage light other lanterns. The fan, that can be used at the same time as the lantern, has a low and high setting so you can adjust the type of air flow your getting from it. The Lantern is 20 ½”  around, the fan blades are 4” across, and is constructed with military grade materials giving you rugged durability, no matter where you take it with you.With two D batteries you can keep the fan work for 5 hrs on high speed mode, and 15 hrs in low speed mode. The light, if used by itself can last up to 37 hours of continuous use. The results may vary depending on how you use it. But, this Lantern/Fan combo is a must have for any outdoor and prepping enthusiast. You never know when it will come in handy.

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Lantern Fan Combo