Laundry Solution for Your Skoolie or RV

July 4, 2018. by

Laundry in a Skoolie

Traveling is one of the greatest things we can do as Americans! We have a whole country full of interstate and highways that can take us coast to coast. But, going in your Bus that you worked long and hard on turning into a mobile living space makes that travel ten times better! There is one thing that you will always need to do while traveling for more than a weekend, LAUNDRY! We all have it and after a few long days on the road, it needs to get done. You have multiple options as to how to do your laundry on the road. Find a laundromat, stop to wash by hand and string them up (this will take some time) or you can put your own washing solution in your bus! You can make it even more like home with Laundry in a Skoolie!


Appliance companies have been working hard on making efficient washing/drying machine combos for people who live in small spaces. Two massive appliances just cant fit sometimes, but we all need to wash our clothes. Here are two different washing and drying machine combos that you can add to your bus for travel.

The first washer and dryer combo is the Kenmore Elite Front Load Combination Washer and Dryer. This combo is the more expensive option, but you get quality can convenience in return. This Kenmore combo allows you to wash full size loads in one unit. You don’t have to worry about that hot and muggy steam that dryers put out because this Kenmore has vent-less technology. It measures 29.8 x 27 x 38.7 inches and weighs 220 pounds. It is small enough that you can build a storage space to fit it in and hide it away. The price is worth the quality!

Check it out HERE!

Laundry in a Skoolie Laundry in a Skoolie

The second is a lot less expensive, but the quality is different. The Della Washer and Dryer unit has a 11 pound capacity and spin drys, so no heating. The Della is small enough to stow away but take more work to do your laundry, but it will get done!!

Check it out HERE!

Laundry in a Skoolie

No matter what you need to wash your clothes, especially on long trips. Either one will get the job done!

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