A Small Pack that Packs a Big Punch

August 21, 2018. by

Want to carry a lot without having to have a backpack? Try this Lumbar Pack.

Sometimes when you are camping, fishing or boondocking you want to go on a hike. Maybe to view the scenery, look for a better fishing spot or just to get away for an hour or two. When you are going on these small hikes, you don’t want to be lugging around a huge, bulky pack on your back, but you still need to carry you essentials with you. This lumbar pack can do just that for you so you can take that walk and be more comfortable doing it!


The BP Vision Outdoor “Fanny” Lumbar Pack is one of the coolest outdoor accessories that i have found. It has dual water bottle holders, two front zippered pockets and two side zippered pockets to keep all your stuff organized. There are three different ways to carry it making it very multi-functional. You can sling it over one shoulder, use just the waist latch or use both shoulder straps for maximum support. The material is lightweight, tear resistant nylon with lumbar mesh padding making it light and comfortable. This is what you look for when you will be carrying other heavier stuff with you. You can carry two water bottles, small first aid kit, mini survival kit or maybe some fishing gear. You can fit a decent amount in this small package deal! You also have 6 different colors to choose from which will allow you to customize your gear and hopefully get one that matches your kit.

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Lumbar Pack

Lumbar Pack

Lumbar Pack