New Style Mattress for Your Bus/RV Conversions

July 2, 2018. by

Mattress for Your Bus Conversion

I’m sure you have seen the ads going around for those mattresses in a box that look super comfy, but are extremely expensive. I have found a company called Zinus and they make the same quality mattresses as the other companies, but their prices are way better! Even more, they stock more sizes and thicknesses to choose from, making it easy for you to customize your space! This is a dream come true for you travelers who love comfort! With this Mattress for Your Bus Conversion, you can get the best of both!


Zinus Mattresses are made from multiple layers of foam to create the perfect blend for maximum support and comfort. It has natural green tea extract infused in the foam to maintain freshness. It also contains active charcoal particles to safely reduce odor and absorb moisture!

Mattress for Your Bus Conversion Mattress for Your Bus Conversion

Your Zinus Mattress will be shipped to your home in a box with wheels, so you can move it and unwrap it by yourself! Once you get it to the location you want set it up, just cut open the shrink wrap as the instructions state and watch it grow! It does take about 24 hours to reach its full size, but it is worth the wait! You won’t want to bother with spring mattresses again! As for a foundation, you can make a platform, purchase a custom platform, or use it on a normal bed frame with box springs underneath. Once again, it allows you to have full customization of your sleeping space.

From personal experience, this mattress is hands down the most comfortable, inexpensive mattress I have ever purchased! It doesn’t matter if you’re getting one for your home, RV, Bus or Tiny Home, you won’t be disappointed!

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Mattress for Your Bus Conversion