Mini Fridge for your Skoolie

June 10, 2021. by

There are a ton of Mini Fridge for your Skoolie out there, but this one give you a ton of space, saves you energy and more! One of the most important things to get when doing a school bus or van conversion is a fridge that will hold enough food for the occupants and not drain your power source at the same time. 

The Midea Double Door Mini Fridge is an awesome addition for your Skoolie fridge build. It offers lots of space in a compact bundle. It is a compact refrigerator and freezer that has two doors, so you have your freezer door and your fridge door.

This keeps the temperatures separate, which a lot of mini fridges do not offer. The doors can be customized to swing open either left or right, so it will fit in virtually any space. It is equipped with whisper quiet technology to run silently. This is much appreciated in small spaces where the quietest noise can be annoying. The Midea is basically your average fridge, but in a smaller package.

It has temperature control, an interior light, glass shelves, a crisper drawer, and a built in beverage holder. This provides you with all the tools you need to keep your food cold or frozen. But, Most of all, this style of mini fridge for your Skoolie can do with any decor style since it is stainless steel. It will look good with anything and keep your food cold!\

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