New Age Selfie Stick

June 22, 2019. by

Smart phones have literally changed the world! The way we communicate, research, watch the news, keep time and most importantly the way we document our day to day lives have changed drastically by these little devices. At the touch of a button, you can record a video or take pictures with amazing quality. To get an even better picture or video, you can get a selfie stick, but not every selfie stick out there will do.

Th MWF Selfie Stick with Tripod will be one of the best investments you can make if no matter who you are if you shoot a lot of video or take a lot of pictures. This one is different in a lot of ways that make it a great buy. The MFW Bluetooth selfie stick go from 15 inches to 59 inches of length simply ,giving you enough length to get a large group photo. It is compatible with just about any mobile device out there including tablets ranging from 4.72 to 7.87 inches, smart phone from 2.75 to 3.74 inches. The mobile tripod and monopod can be used for GoPro cameras, an iPad, mini projectors or even a top of the line digital camera.

The MWF is keeping up with technology with its Bluetooth comparability to capture an image or video remotely. The remote control is clipped to the selfie stick at the handle. It also can be taken off from the holder and used separately when you use the selfie stick as a tripod. The remote control effective distance is up to 30 feet. It is compatible with IOS, Android, and digital cameras that are Bluetooth enabled.

No matter where you go, make sure you have one of these awesome Selfie Sticks with you! They are not just for the teenagers any more and can be used by professionals for amazing footage!


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