Tie Down Anything With These Ratchet Straps

June 19, 2019. by

Using straps to hold down items have evolved over the years and you don’t want to use just any old strap to keep your valuables safe. Depending on what you’re hauling you’ll want to do some research on what straps will work best with the vehicle your driving and the item your hauling. Here is the brand I found to be the best!

The RHINO USA Ratchet Straps are very strong tie down and very reliable. They have padded handles and precise double diamond stitching in the fabric that provides superior break strength (5,208 lbs) over any other strap out there. The strap it self is made from Rhino USA’s exclusive poly/silk webbing that ensures the toughest, but softest quality on the market. This gives you strength without worrying about scratching up that paint job on your motorcycle or ATV.

There are safety clips on each s-hook to ensure maximum security when you have your bike tied down to the trailer. You don’t want to lose it while driving 70 mph on the highway. These straps protect you, your investment and all the other drivers you share the road with! The best part is that they are designed and manufactured in the US, so you get American quality and fast shipping!


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