No More Spilled Spices in Your RV

December 5, 2019. by

When your on the road in your RV or Skoolie, you have no control over the conditions of the roads and you may have to make a fast stop. Both of these actions can cause those loose spices to go flying all over the place or tumble over in a cabinet, causing an unnecessary mess. This handy spice rack can secure any spices, in any bottle avoiding any headache of a mess.

The Bellemain Spice Gripper is a must have for any RV or Skoolie, especially if you love your spices. The strips have four grippers that adjust to any standard sized plastic jar. With this one order, you get 3 strips to attach to your cabinet. 

The strips have a strong adhesive backing allowing you to attach them to just about any surface in any direction. This gives you the option to customize your spice rack in any design you would like.

The most important detail is that these spice grippers will hold them in place. The last thing you need after a long drive is to be cleaning up a spicy mess. These will do just the trick and in a fashionable manner.


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