Personal Off the Grid Network

December 25, 2018. by

Off-Grid SMS and GPS for when you venture off you rig

Being out in the wilderness is a passion for a lot of people. It can reconnect you with who you are, clear your mind and just give your mind a refresher. If you are an avid camper, hiker, boondocker, etc. You know that cell service can be very spotty once you start getting away from civilization. With this little device, you’ll be able to keep in contact with your partner even if you don’t have a signal from your provider. It is the best 1 on 1, off-grid SMS and GPS communication device.


The GoTenna is a two way, Off-Grid SMS and GPS device that can be paired with any phone phone. It enables you to privately relay texts and GPS locations between other GoTenna devices, up to 4 miles in range, so you can stay in contact with your buddy.  You don’t need phone service, routers, towers or satellites to use GoTenna because this is your own personal network, whenever and wherever you need it. The super-smart mesh protocol powers private 1-to-1 group chats or public emergency broadcasts to all nearby users and the GoTenna app includes detailed offline maps for any region in the world. This is a great item to take with you abroad so you can contact your person if you get seperated. This is also a great item to add to your Bug Out Bag in case the grid goes down. It has a 24 hr battery life, but I recommend to get the portable solar charger in case you can’t get to a power source before the battery dies. It is always best to be prepared.

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img src=”” alt=”off-grid SMS and GPS” width=”349″ height=”349″ />   

off-grid SMS and GPS  

off-grid SMS and GPS   

off-grid SMS and GPS