Outdoor Camping Oven Perfect for Minimalist Camping Trips

October 4, 2018. by

No kitchen ou your Skoolie bus conversion? carry this Outdoor Camping Oven with you.

Camping is an outdoor activity that is loved throughout the world and can get you back in touch with nature. There are different types of camping people out there; some go full out and live off the land, some do minimal camping and bring a shelter that provides you with the commodities at home, then there are the people in the middle who like to rough it, but still want some comforts of home. If you’re in the middle, cooking is one thing that you will most likely want to make easy and here is an Outdoor Camping Oven to make cooking simple.



The Camp Chef Outdoor Cooking Oven is perfect for outdoor cooking whether you need to bake or cook on the stove top, it offers both options. The range has two 7,500 BTU matchless burners which will provide you with plenty of heat to cook or even fry food on the stove top. It has a matchless igniter, 3,000 BTU internal oven that heats up to 400 degrees and comes with two oven racks allowing you to bake more than one dish at a time. There is also built in thermometer in the oven so you constantly know your cooking temperature. The stove is powered by a 1 pound disposable propane tank that offers you up to 5 hours of cooking time depending on the temperature your cooking at and the way it is used. You also have the option of connecting a bulk propane tank for longer trips and less changing out the small tanks. This stove is perfect for your minimalist outdoor trips and a great addition to any Emergency Prep Kits.

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Outdoor Camping Oven   

Outdoor Camping Oven   

Outdoor Camping Oven