My Top Pick: Wansview Outdoor Security Cameras

June 30, 2018. by

Outdoor Skoolie Security Cameras

There are many different surveillance cameras around the market to help keep an eye on your property. But, there is one that has gotten my attention and I plan on using for a long time! I have recently purchased two different brands of outdoor night vision cameras and the Wansview has won me over for Outdoor Skoolie Security Cameras.



The Wansview Outdoor Security Camera is extremely easy to set up. I started by downloading the Wansview App, plugged my cameras into a power supply and I was viewing live footage from my cameras in literally 30 seconds. The setup for viewing was simple and flawless! The Wansview app gives you several options as far as how many cameras you can view at one time. I personally sure the quad view.

Skoolie Security Cameras

As you know, I have currently been working on converting a bus to a RV, which is going great! I have three of these Wansview cameras on the rear of my bus. Two of them give me live feed of both lanes on either side of allowing me to see if its safe to change lanes at a glance. The third camera is used as a backup camera.

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No matter if your looking for a security camera for your home or RV, you will not be disappointed with your purchase of this Wansview Security Camera! It has good quality day and night video along with being wallet friendly!



P.S. Check out my YouTube video for a walk through on how I put these cameras to use! CLICK HERE!!!

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