Pet Emergency First Aid Kit

July 1, 2021. by

Having your furry best friend with you on the road can make for great quality time spent together and unforgettable bonding. You don’t want to be without them and they sure do not want to be without you. SO, No matter where you are headed with your pooch, make sure you have a pet emergency first aid kit with you because accidents can happen.

No matter where you go, there is always a risk that your dog can get injured. They can get stung by a bee, step on a piece of glass or even break a bone depending on the terrain your traveling. The Pet First Aid Kit is a 45 piece kit that is packed with almost everything you need to be your Pups first responder before getting them to a vet.

All the items are packed into a conveniently sized bag so you can keep it in your RV, then carry it with you in your bag when you go on hikes.

The contents include:

  • 2 gauze rolls 2.3” x 13’
  • 3 gauze pads 3” x 3”
  • 4 alcohol free wipes
  • 2 elastic bandages
  • 4 adhesive bandages
  • 1 triangular bandage
  • 1 pair of sanitary gloves
  • 1 roll of pet first aid tape
  • 2 wooden tongue depressors
  • 1 pair of tweezers
  • 1 pair of medical scissors
  • 1 tick remover
  • 1 instant cold ice pack
  • 1 pet emergency blanket
  • 6 antiseptic wipes
  • 10 application swabs
  • 1 pet emergency care handbook
  • 1 carabiner
  • 1 red flashlight
  • 1 first aid supplies travel bag organizer

The hand book included is especially useful so you know exactly how to treat your dog and to make sure they make it to the vet safely and comfortably. Each item in this pet emergency first aid kit has its own use and can treat just about any small injury down to getting  tick off your dog!


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