Portable Air Compressor

November 1, 2021. by

Portable Air compressor can be very helpful! All vehicles that drive on the road, no matter the size have tires. It is inevitable that you will run into a flat or develop a leaky tire. You could wake up one morning to head out to work and your tire could be so low to drive. Or, pull that summer vehicle out of the garage from hibernation to find it has a flat. In these cases, you should always have a portable air compressor with you that you!

The EPAuto 120W Portable Air Compressor is not only a reliable item to keep with your vehicle, but the price is also very easy on your wallet! It is powered by the DC cigarette lighter outlet in your vehicle, so you don’t need to be near a wall outlet to power it up and fill your tire. For larger vehicles you can purchase a dc extension cord. Click HERE to view the blog I wrote on it.

You can use this portable air compressor on cars, bikes, and most trucks and SUV. For larger tires, you can only inflate up to 70psi, which should fill your tire up enough to get to a gas station or truck stop to use a stronger air compressor. You can also use it on bike tires and sport balls that required inflation with the adapters that are included!

Then to make sure you do not over inflate whatever needs air this compressor has an auto shut off. If you get a flat at night, it is also equipped with a built in LED flash night so you can see what you are doing! This is a must have for any vehicle!

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