Portable Fire Pit For Your Next Adventure

September 16, 2018. by

Portable Fire Pit to carry in your bus conversion or RV

There is something about having a campfire that completes your soul, brings you to a calm and the safety that the flames emit. It could root from or primative days as humans using fire as a tool to cook or keep off predators at night, but I have to say that sitting by an open fire is one of the most comforting things a person can do and enjoy. So why limit these fires to your backyard? If you’re camping or boondocking, you can enjoy a campfire too and there is a safe way to go about it with a portable fire pit.


The Camco Portable Fire Ring is a great tool to take with you on your trips so you can have that comforting campfire to bring the day to a comforting close. It is a wide 27” decorated heavy-duty steel ring that is large enough to accommodate your average pieces of firewood. It is constructed of six hinged pieces that allows the ring to be folded up and stored neatly in its carrying case. This technology make the fire ring very easy to transport and even easier to stow away when your on the road. Having this portable campfire ring is very convenient for a couple of reason and one is very important, especially if your out west. The first one is more of convenience, which is you won’t have to go searching for a ton of rocks to build your fire ring, so that saves you time and some unwanted back pain. The second is more for safety, you want to control your fire at all cost and this ring can help you do that. You don’t want to be the cause of the next devastating forest fire. I still recommend that you take every fire precautions since mother nature is unpredictable and you follow the local laws on having an open fire. But, this fire ring will be an awesome addition to your traveling gear!

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Portable Fire Pit   

Portable Fire Pit   

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Portable Fire Pit