Portable Footpath for Boondocking

February 20, 2021. by

Being able to have a Portable Footpath for Boondocking is a great way to keep your Skoolie clean! You can put the stepping stones at your entryway and at the rear if you still have the emergency exit. These stepping stone allow you to clean your feet before entering reducing clean up. Mud can be your Skoolies interior worst enemy. 

The Camco Fasten Footpaths are portable footpath for boondocking, lightweight, and durable. So they will last through all your boondocking trips. The foot paths come in their own storage case so when you pack up to leave, just stash them away out of site.

Each pack comes with 10 stepping stones. Just simply place each one down to create a path in the areas where you need solid footing or want to avoid getting mud on your shoes. Make a path leading to your Skoolies door will be the ideal way to keep it clean inside! You can purchase a few packs and make your footpath more stylish!

Alternatively, they can be stacked and used as a step stool in cases where you need to reach something higher up. They can also be useful if you want to hang exterior lights on your bus. The stacked steeping stones will allow the average person to reach the top of their bus.

The stepping stones stack together and feature an integrated telescoping fasten handle that goes through the center of the stacked pads, holding them together for easy carrying and compact storage. Being able to store these away is a huge space saver for your skoolie!

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