Portable Hanging Shelves

December 31, 2020. by

We all know Skoolies are short on space and these Portable Hanging Shelves can give you more! You probably have a nice nice set up of built in shelving to put items or clothing on. This hanging shelf can be your travel buddy as it folds into a small case that can be easily stored.

The Tabitora Portable Hanging Shelf can be a life saver for many different reason when it comes to space. It is made of polyester fiber which is a strong and durable, yet light and breathable. They use high-quality materials and high-quality zippers to build shelves to ensure longevity so you can use the shelf whenever it is needed.

The body of the shelf uses water repellent and mesh material. This has good air permeability, excellent deodorization properties and is moisture resistance. When you are traveling, you can put your luggage in and fold it up to make it easier to organize your luggage. When not in use, it can be folded and placed compactly without taking up space. Perfect for your Skoolie and the much needed space you can add!

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